septiembre 28, 2018



Área de Inglés

Nowadays to learn another language is not only an economic issue but also an intercultural and interpersonal experience that everybody around the world attempts to do. Our time requires opened people to new experiences what implies the knowledge of new cultures, new perspectives and languages in order to get the whole human beings closer. This intercultural vision allows recognizing the value by diversity fostering, in this way, the respect towards the singularity of others. For that reason, it is crucial to take into account such vision in all the fields and the education one must not be the exception. In addition, it is important to mention that our age, because of its cosmopolitan vision and the well-known critical notion requires in the same way active people with a broad perspective.

The English area has as purpose, first to wake up in the students the pleasure and interest to know and to appropriate of own and only aspects of a language, not only at intellectual level, but in its social and cultural context; second that the students use English accurately in their grammatical structure, the writing and at level of their use, the speech. The educational institution counts on technological resources that are indispensable in the acquisition of this language, thanks to this technology the students can experience, interact, and contextualize each aspect of the English language learned in class. This fact has the purpose of strengthening and using English beyond the classroom and to have a projection at level of both the institution and of the community. This learning of the English language is reinforced with the development of diverse academic and recreational activities such as: English's day, the English Olympic, spelling competitions, English songs competitions, among others. These activities allow the learners to be leaders, to commit with their own rhythm of the use of the language, and at the same time to acquire security and to foment teamwork. As we can analyze, English contributes to the integral formation of each one of our students.

The area counts with several resources that help in the English teaching, one of these is MyON, it is designed to provide a student-centered, personalized literacy environment that offers unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books, dynamically matched to each individual learner’s interests and Lexile reading level, along with a suite of literacy tools that foster engagement and achievement.